Join me for an online yoga class  with a streaming via Zoom. The zoom link will be send to you automatically once you have signed up and made a paypal-payment and add your email-address to the payment. If you are experiencing a time of financial hardship, you are very welcome to join in for free. Your presence in class is the most valuable donation.



Into being - A delightful morning meditations course.

No matter how little sleep you  get during the night  - how about an early morning journey into the simplicity of being? To that magical place that is infinite. Radiates a softness from within. And to step away from drama. Cultivate a softness in the heart. Clarity in the mind. And a pleasant aliveness & peace in the whole body.  Course fee: 49,- Euro |  paypal here


A recording is available for 3 days - i n case you need to sleep in on a few mornings.


APRIL 28 - MAY 19, 2024 |  6PM - 7.15PM BERLIN TIME  | ONLINE COURSE

Glow: Unveiling Your Authentic Self.

This course is  offering a holistic container for self realisation, rituals, reflections & wonder to cultivate internal harmony, nervous system regulation and self compassion. Over 4 weeks you will receive 4 live classes (including embodied meditation, somatic work, breathing, yoga and unplanned organic movements) alongside individual & community support throughout the week in a WhatsApp group with daily prompts, journaling reflections. Offering a container to nourish and empower you in your daily life.

Course fee: 111,- Euro | paypal here

We will explore how to:
- tap fully into your inherent power
- create space for the magic of life

- expand your sensory & self awareness through breath, sound, touch and movement.
-  listen deeply & trust your inner guidance
- understand  nervous system responses
- unleash and recognise your hidden skills, resources and shadow sides

Incl.7-day recording and a pdf Handout, community and individuell support during the entire 4 weeks in a Whats-App group, 3-5x weekly journaling prompts and reflections.



Attune to the moon - community classes

This class offers space to relate to yourself in multifacetted forms. Expect some explorational yoga and intuitive movement, a dash of playfulness, resting in the generous perception of being, embodied meditation and Mantra Chanting. We will also embark on a souls journey with reading & writing accordingly to the moon phase. A guided shavasana will be held together at the end as well as an optional sharing circle. It is you and me and us – and what we create together. Your presence matters. Honored to be along this ride with you. Pay from the heart by donation | paypal here


A recording is available for 24 hrs.