yogabija facilitates yoga retreats, workshops, intensives & trainings. We offer nurturing experiences to enjoy a pause from daily routines. A genuine opportunity for continual growth. A safe & playful space that allows everyone to explore the rich diversity of life with curiosity & wonder. Bringing people together with the dedication to take steps towards more clarity, compassion and wholeness.

JUNE 8 - 12 |  AUG 31 - SEPT 04 | SEPT 7 - 11 PORTUGAL

Mysore Intensive Summer Program with Annette Hartwig

Join for a non-residential retreat at the Dawn Collective Shala for a transformative journey, a swim in the ocean, long summer nights and heartfelt moments. Class language is english. read more



Sadhana - a nourishing early morning Selfpractice with Annette Hartwig

This course is an invitation to deepen or re-introduce the practice . A daily reminder to open up and embrace personal & divine love. Each morning starts with Shanti Mantra, embodied Meditation &  Pranayama followed by guided forms & Self practice. read more


MONDAYS   |  MAY 30 - JUNE 27, 2022  |  7.30AM  ONLINE CLASS

Sing me awake - Sutra & Mantra Chanting Course with Annette Hartwig

Start your day with 60 min. of Chanting the Yoga Sutras as well as Bhakti & Shanti mantras. Chanting is lifting the mood, refreshes the soul and enhances clarity & concentration. Included is a Hand-out and recording for you to keep practicing on your own.  Read more

SEPT.  28 - OCT. 06, 2022  |  PORTUGAL

Yoga Immersion / Training with Annette Hartwig

This unique 45hr training is for yoga teachers, practitioners and everyone who is curious to deepen their experience of yoga and immerse themselves into the richness of life. The training will be held in english with german translations available. read more