yogabija facilitates yoga retreats, workshops, intensives & trainings. We offer nurturing experiences to enjoy a pause from daily routines. A genuine opportunity for continual growth. A safe & playful space that allows everyone to explore the rich diversity of life with curiosity & wonder. Bringing people together with the dedication to take steps towards more clarity, compassion and wholeness.


In-Person Workshops with Annette Hartwig.

Hannover Feb 25 - March 01, 2022

Düsseldorf  March 05 - 09, 2022

Wuppertal April 01 - 03, 2022



MARCH 12 -18 + MARCH 20 -26, 2022  | TIROL

Ashtanga Yoga Winter Retreat, Österreich with Annette Hartwig & Daniel Schudt.

We are delighted to announce our annual winter retreat in the austrian mountains. Currently we are accepting pre-bookings to hold a spot for you. Class language is german read more

JUNE 8 - 12 | JUNE 15 - 19 | JULY 31 - 04 AUG SEPT 07 - 11 |  PORTUGAL

Mysore Intensive Summer Program with Annette Hartwig

Join for a non-residential retreat at the Dawn Collective Shala for a transformative journey, a collective rest and heartfelt moments. Class language is english. read more


Morning Flow & Slow Flow with Annette Hartwig

Sundays 9am FLow Class

Harmonious. Energising. More challenging.

Fridays 6pm Flow Class

Harmonious. Energising. More challenging.

Tuesdays 7pm: Slow Flow

Grounding. Gentle. Building awareness, stamina & mobility  read more


SUNDAY, JAN. 30, 2021   |  ONLINE

Rest & Recharge - special class with Annette Hartwig

This is for you if you would like to support your nervous system and are longing  to be more you. Encouraging the sense of well-being & ease in the body. Includes yin yoga, mantra, dance, facia release, embodied meditation & guided shavasana Read more

MAY 18 -26 | SEPT. 28 - OCT. 06 |  PORTUGAL

Yoga Immersion / Training with Annette Hartwig

This unique 45hr training is for yoga teachers, practitioners and everyone who is curious to deepen their experience of yoga. Class language is english. read more