yogabija facilitates yoga retreats, workshops & teacher trainings. We offer nurturing experiences to enjoy a pause from daily routines. A genuine opportunity for continual growth. A safe & playful space that allows everyone to explore the rich diversity of life with curiosity & wonder. Bringing people together with the dedication to take steps towards more clarity, compassion and wholeness.

2023 DATES: MAY 08 - 13  | MAY 15 - 20 | SEPT. 05 - 10 | SEPT. 12 - 17 | PORTUGAL

Mysore Intensive Summer Program.

Join us for 1-2 weeks for a non-residential program at the Dawn Collective Shala. Sharing inspiring conversations on & off the mat in a community which can hold and give space for everyone’s own experience. Cultivating a sense of belonging. Join us for a re-introduction, deepening or maintaining of your yoga practice. A transformative journey, plenty of swims in the ocean, heartfelt moments,  and  long summer nights read more



1:1 Yoga Mentoring & Somatic Support Sessions.

In times of transition it is often valuable to have company on our journey for a little while. Supporting us to pause and come back to a sense of more balance and well-being. Annette believes that listening to the inherent intelligence of our bodies we can reconnect to our inner truth & guidance system. Annette draws from 25 years of yoga & meditation practices, stress-release-techniques and self-enquiry. Feel free to reach out to have a 15 min. discovery Zoom call to clarify questions and find out if this is what you need.


FEB 20 - MARCH 13, 2023  |  ONLINE CLASS  |  MONDAYS 7AM

Sing me awake - Sutra & Mantra Chanting Course.

The most profound & immediate effect of chanting is that it is lifting the mood, refreshes the soul and enhances clarity & concentration. In this course we will chant the Yoga Sutras (Chapter 1 & 2) as well as Bhakti Songs, Tantric Bija- & Shanti- Mantra. The course is offered 3-tiered for different levels of readiness & commitment read more




Düsseldorf March 17 - 19, 2023

Hamburg March 24 - 26, 2023

Braunschweig Oct. 28 + 29, 2023

Magdeburg Nov. 02 - 05, 2023

Hannover Nov. 08 - 12, 2023




FEB 10 - MARCH 03, 2023  |  ONLINE CLASS  |  MONDAYS 7AM

UP -  Mysore Morning Program.

An invitation to deepen, maintain or re-introduce your individual yoga practice.

A daily reminder to "un-do" the yoga: allowing ourselves to receive the endless and spontaneous forms of divine expression, breath & bhakti. The morning sessions begin with guided meditation, soothing pranayama & Mantra Chanting Then followed by a guided standing Ashtanga-ish sequence with a focus on different emphasis and then continues into your Self-Practice. Annette will support everyone with individual guidance for a sustainable, light and nourishing practice.  read more


OCT 07 - 13  |  OCT 14 - 20   |  DEC 28 - JAN 03, 2024   |  ODECEIXE, PORTUGAL

Yoga Retreat with Pink Elephant Cooking

Take a break from daily life´s challenges and join us for one week at the Herdade do Mar - a modern farm house with stunning ocean views & sunsets. Enjoy delicious vegan farm-to-table and yoga & meditation practices. This retreat is for everyone wishing to relax and find back into rhythm & flow  read more


MAY 08 - 13  | MAY 15 - 20 | SEPT. 05 - 10 | SEPT. 12 - 17  |  YOGA TRAINING  | PORTUGAL

Immersion: Yoga Training.

This unique 45hr modular training is for yoga teachers, practitioners and everyone who is curious to immerse themselves into the vast experience of yoga & the richness of life itself read more


MAY 22 - 28, 2023  |  YOGA RETREAT  | PORTUGAL

Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with Dena Kingsberg & Jack Wiseman

We are delighted to be hosting this annual week long retreat with Dena & Jack from Australia again in 2023. Join us for this wonderful and deep experience at Monte Velho Eco Resort In Portugal in May 2023 read more