We love walking barefoot and the scent of a vast ocean sky. We love 80’s Hiphop. Supersize salads. Peanut butter & raw broccoli. U-turns to presence. Ventures into the unfamiliar. We love singing & stillness. Heart-centered yumminess. And we love what we do. We are yogabija. Detail-enthusiasts. Facilitators. Space Holders. Coffee birdies. Partners. Dog-Lovers. And life-long learners.

In 2010 the founders Annette Hartwig and Daniel Schudt left Hamburg and embarked

on a journey in their van packed with yoga-mats, surfboards and a massage table. Inspired by the love for truth & simplicity they travelled to many beautiful places in Europe. The wild & magic nature of the southwest coast of Portugal has always impressed them with its unique charm and surfing lifestyle. It is here in the little village of Aljezur where they have created a homebase and share their passion with locals and visitors. 



The yogabija philosophy is inspired by the Sanskrit word “bija” meaning seed. Bija is a metaphor for the starting point or the origin of all creation. Any seed undergoes a fascinating transformational process when it cracks open its own shell to start sprouting and growing into a completely new form & experience. Life invites us every day to plant incredibly potent seeds of our future by choosing what we think, what we say and do. 


As we evolve and learn, we expand past our current shell and and allow ourselves to be vulnerable to the whispers of our heart. Coming closer into alignment with who we really are. Stripping away the delusions of the mind and the habitual patterns so that the inner wisdom awakens and accommodates a sense of being more grounded, joyful and radiant.



Our approach is to share our understanding & experience that we have gained through more then 20 years of self practice and studying with many wonderful mentors and teachers while traveling the world. We offer an integrative collection of techniques to become more aware of the present moment. Traditional methods combined with a modern touch. We believe that making a commitment in form of a daily practice - really any wholehearted practice fueled by curiosity & playfulness - will shift your perspective in one way or the other. May it be sitting under a tree, listening deeply, journaling or forming shapes with your body.


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is our base however we do not feel limited to it. We constantly get the conversation started by re-questioning and enriching our understanding with a scientific research system like FRC® & Kinstretch®, Somatic visualization & Embodied practices, philosophy, breathwork, meditation and sound. 



Our aim is that these practices enhance relaxation, strength and a deep intimate connection. Yoga is a personal journey - as unique as you are in expression & being. We therefore encourage the development of a personal practice which is gentle yet potent - honoring individual abilities, boundaries & needs.