Daniel Schudt has been practicing yoga since 2004 and is teaching since 2009. His passion for the therapeutic application of asana, meditation & pranayama as well as for scientic based movement practices started after being injured from an accident. He is a certified massage therapist, FRC® Mobility Trainer and dedicated surfer. With his therapeutic knowledge and more than 15 years of experience in holistic bodywork he makes everyone feel comfortable & safe in class. Daniel is co-director of yogabija as well as co-creator of the Dawn Collective Yoga Shala in Arrifana Portugal where he teaches open functional mobility classes & offers treatments all year around. 


On the yogabija retreats he assists in class and offers treatments as well as personal training focussing on functional mobility training (FRC®).


In his massage treatments he is applying various techniques like depp tissue sportsmassage, akupressure as well as thai-yoga stretches. Structural tension and pain can effectively be resolved, mobility be improved and the immune system be strengthened. With a lot experience and intuitive touch Daniel also creates space for deep relaxation and healing. 

* Certification Functional Mobility Specialist FRC® (2019)  in London, UK.


* Yoga courses & trainings between 2005 & 2019 (Emil Wendel, Clive Sheridan, Dena Kingsberg, David Keil, Mark Darby, Petri Raisanen & Richard Freeman)

* Certification in Osteothai with Arno & David Lutt in France 2011


* Various seminars & professional educations in sportsmassage (Australia), energywork (Hamburg & India) as well as akupressure & balinese Massage (Indonesia).


* ShaktiSpirit Yoga & Ayurveda Teachertraining in Inda 2009 with focus on individual sequencing to balance the doshas. 


* Certification in Traditional Thai-Yoga Massage with Sunshine Network in New Zealand  &  Thailand, 2006 & 2007