Annette Hartwig is an ashtanga yoga practitioner since 1997 and teaches courses internationally since 20+ years. She is a FRC® Mobility specialist and a MindBody-Therapy Practitioner. Annette is mostly influenced by the longterm guidance of her teacher Dena Kingsberg as a student (18+ years) and as an assistant (12+ years). Many in-depth-studies & trainings with Richard Freeman, Clive Sheridan, Emil Wendel and several trips to Mysore (practicing in the old & new shala) have been enriching her own practice.


Annette has founded and directed a yoga school for 6 years in Hamburg, Germany and established the first successful Mysore program there. She is co-director of yogabija and co-creator of the Dawn Collective Yoga Shala in Arrifana, Portugal.

Annette’s emphasis on being present with what is creates a nurturing atmosphere where space is given to feel & sense. This is where genuine change is possible and the deeper aspects of the practice naturally unfold. An invitation is offered to soothe the nervous system, calm the mind and untie the knots around our hearts. In class she welcomes, supports & encourages students of all levels with precise observation, intuition, clear verbal cues and gentle hands-on assists.

Annette believes that if we stop comparing, judging, blaming and chasing we will then begin to understand that we are all more interconnected then we think are. A wholehearted practice can remind us that each of us is uniquely perfect within their own individual expression and for sure makes a huge difference in todays world.


2020: Certified I AM Yoga Nidra Facilitator Practitioner (70 hours) with Kamini Desaii

2019: Somatic Stress Release Practitioner (100 hours) with Scott Lyons

2019: Mind-Body Practitioner Training incl. Trauma-informed Practices (100 hours)

2019: Certification as a FRC® Mobility Specialist

2018: Co-Creator of the Dawn Collective Shala, Arrifana Portugal

2014: Teacher's Intensive (200 hr) with Richard Freeman in Boulder, Colorado.

2010:  Vedic Chanting & Mantra Training at the Krishnamacharya Institut in Chennai, India

2010: co-founding yogabija with Daniel Schudt

2008 until now: Assistance of Dena Kingsberg on international Workshops/Retreats

2006 -2010 Co-founder & director of the Yogaraum-Hamburg

2006 - 2010 Buildung and running a Mysore Morning Program in Hamburg

2006 - 2008: Advanced Practitioner Training (2000 hours) with Dena Kingsberg (Australia)

since 2005: Privates and Personal Training in Hamburg

2001: Yoga Arts Teacher Training (200 hours)  Bali with Louisa Sear, Matthew Sweeney (Australia)