HANNOVER, NOV. 13 - 15, 2020    |    GOSLAR, NOV. 19 - 22, 2020

Embracing Connection & Belonging in times of flux.

More than ever, this year we realize the importance of a genuine connection with ourselves, other human beings and the relationship to and with the earth. This encourages philosophical yet very practical questions like "what really matters?" and "what is important to me?" This Workshop provides supporting tools to be present, to feel at home in your own skin and return to the heart space as a choice and a practice.

Throughout the weekend we, as a community, will explore sequences that are inspired by Ashtanga and are grounded in classical Hatha Yoga. Weaving together a playful practice that allows honest and powerful conversations, offering modifications & preperations for the more complex asanas. Allowing the body´s inherent intelligence to unfold and to reconnect with our true essence which is love.

The morning practice is followed by embodied meditations & breath work.

The afternoon sessions include Yoga Nidra, stress-release techniques, journaling &

Self care, interactive philosophy talks & chanting.

A familiarity with Ashtanga can be beneficial but not essential.  Everyone is welcome.

Sample Schedule:
Friday 7.30am - 10am   Guided practice.
10.45am - 11.45am    Embodied meditation & breathing

Saturday 7.30am - 10am        Guided practice.
10.45am - 11.45am    Embodied meditation & breathing
1.30pm - 3.30pm        Philosophy. Stress release techniques. Journaling.

Sunday 8am - 10.30am        Guided practice.
10.45am - 11.45am    Embodied meditation & breathing
1.30pm - 3pm        Yoga Nidra. Chanting.

We offer tiered pricing to support inclusivity. Please choose according to your genuine situation.


For enquiry & bookings please contact:

Anika Lutteroth Ashtanga Yoga Hannover

Maren Würkert Aktiv Yoga Goslar



Annette Hartwig is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, MindBody-Therapy-Practitioner (in training) and FRC® Mobility specialist. She teaches Yoga worldwide since more than 2 decades and is a longterm student & assistant of Dena Kingsberg. Various in- depth-studies with Richard Freeman, Clive Sheridan, Emil Wendel and Scott Lyons have been influencing & enriching her own practice.

Annette’s emphasis of being present in each moment invites a nurturing space filled with honesty and compassion where genuine change is possible and the deeper aspects of the practice naturally unfold. Annette is director & co-founder of yogabija, a platform for yoga retreats & workshops in Europe and the co-creator of the Dawn Collective Yoga Shala in Arrifana, Portugal.